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Update: 28th June 2019: Emerald Dreams is long gone - We are providing services for Blizzard Classic WoW Gold now, especially for people looking for Powerleveling Classic WoW US

Update 12th May 2016: ED's was a very solid realm in the past, but it's popularity quickly fell once Nostalrius, Kronos and most recently when Kronos 2 was launched. Many have moved to these new realms, and the TBC fanbase moved to L4G's Hellfire. We do provide our services here, but we are mostly focused on the realms mentioned in this update.

We are one of the few rare ED gold suppliers. What makes us unique is that we are always stocked up, and always selling. Currently delivering 10+ sales every day. As we are located in Europe, that's the time we are usualy online, but you can also catch us up on other time zones. (American, Australian). Rest assured, the gold is always delivered. For first time buyers, the complete order process can be learned on our how it works page.

Your Usual Questions Answered - for buying Emerald Dream 1.12 gold

1. How long until i receive the gold?

- We are doing our best to deliver the gold within minutes of your purchase, though sometimes it may last up to a few hours, that is until we log back in-game. Delivery is done through the in-game mail or person-to-person trade.

2. Why is the cost high?

- This isn't WoD, Pandaria or Cata - ED 1.12 is a completely Blizzlike x1 rate realm, and stocking 1K gold requires at least few days of farming & raiding. Several times harder to stock than Feenix's Warsong.

3. Will i be safe if i buy Emerald Dream Gold?

- With over thousand successful transactions handled so far for ED, Archangel & Warsong, we are proud to say that we are yet to experience any issue. Privacy & Safety are our main priorities, it's how we stay in business. Your details won't be disclosed to anyone, and we never tell to which players we sell our gold stocks.

4. Your Refund Policy?

- As with our other sites, you are covered by our Refund Policy on ED too. The policy is: If you don't receive the gold you paid for within maximum of 24 hours, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked. For refunds, feel free to e-mail us at: contact@gold4emerald.com.
This has never happened so far, though :)

Some reviews from our clients:

Went Upside Down

Christopher Denzer denzybu*****@web.de (24th June '15)

I requirested HUGE amount of gold for my guild, and these guys went upside down in order to deliver. Will use you again!

Incredible Service

Zack Jones z.surito***35@live.com.au (3rd March '15)

I placed an order, and got the gold in 5 minutes. Gold4Emerald made me rich on ED :P

Feenix player since 2011

Patrick Eßerpatri*****les@hotmail.com (24th February '15)

This is incredible... you people always have gold for any realm, be it Emerald, Warsong or AA. Wonder how you manage it?

Getting Nice Gear on Easy Mode

Rebecca Schurman rebby****s21@gmail.com (9th February '15)

Really easy to gear up with the loads of gold i have from you, makes the gameplay much more enjoyable.

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Email: shop@v7gaming.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (Anathema, Icecrown, Kronos & Nostalrius 1.12 Gold too!)

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